Sunday, November 19, 2006

Social Butterfly

I thought I had a while before Aubrey's social calendar filled up more quickly than ours did. 99% of the "to-do's" in my planner are for a 15 month old who would just as soon climb into a Lego bucket and have her daddy pull her around the house.

This weekend Aubrey had three birthday parties to attend. Since her feet can't quite touch the gas pedal yet and she doesn't seem to have a knack for directions, she had to bring Kevin and me along. She experienced her first ball crawl, bounce-house and Dora pinata. And when it came time for cake, she used her "more" sign with gusto... which led to her first spoiled dinner.

Now we know what happens when her major food group if the day is sugar. "Crazy Aubrey" makes an appearance! Crazy Aubrey loves to throw tantrums in the car, run around the house naked, splash all the water out of the bathtub and sing her repertoire of songs instead of going to sleep (but Crazy Aubrey does make for some cute pictures). We won't be allowing that again anytime soon... at least until next Saturday when Aubrey has another birthday party!

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