Monday, January 29, 2007


For this latest update, I've had some trouble narrowing down which accomplishments to write about. Right around Christmas time was when a new Aubrey seemed to take over. I'm not sure when kids officially make the transition from baby to toddler, but I'm going to go ahead and guess that it's about now.

In the past I have whined, cried and wanted to throw tantrums over Aubrey's pickiness when it came to eating. I thought I would be sending her to Kindergarten with the little jars of baby food, but literally in one day everything changed. She just decided that it was time to try some big-girl food and by golly, she liked it! Now she has strong preferences for twice-baked potatoes, taco meat and turkey-sausage, but thankfully has not given up her affinity for broccoli, bananas or green beans.

Sadly, the morning nap (mom's shower time) is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Aubrey still stays in the crib for a while, but instead of napping she prefers to spend her time playing drum solos on the wall, using her mattress as a trampoline and listening to herself recite all her new words. Which brings me to...

...her speech. It's like a little switch went off in her head telling her it was time to talk. She isn't quite ready to join a debate team, but her words are many. Mommy, Daddy, doggy, piggy, milk, nose, eat, and Aubee (among others) actually sound like the real thing. But the funny ones are those that I can decipher no matter how far off they sound. I also have acquired the ability to infer a entire sentence from a single utterance. For example, "Wak!" = "Mommy, hold my hand and walk with me to wherever I want to go." "Rok!" = "I want to rock in mommy's chair and read books." " Wook!" = "I know daddy's working, but I know he wouldn't mind if I go interrupt him for a second!" and "Nack!" = "I never get ANYTHING to eat and I want a snack now!"

Aubrey has also found a new way to spread some love. She has been into giving kisses for a while but for the last two days she has added an, "EEZE" to the mix. Right before bed, she wraps her tiny little arms around our necks and squeezes her heart out. Now this could be a clever tactic to stay out of bed a little longer. And since she gained an extra 5 minutes tonight by "EEZing" me over and over, I'd say her methods seem to be working.

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At 1/30/2007 9:04 AM, Anonymous Shaun Andrews said... 

Wook! Hahaha thats awesome!

At 1/31/2007 5:52 PM, Anonymous Aunt Sue said... 

Where'd the baby go?

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