Saturday, May 05, 2007

Taking Summer by Storm

Thanks to some great friends, we spent the last couple days at a house in Vilano Beach. It is right on the ocean and the sound of waves crashing was the ultimate sound machine for Aubrey. If you keep tabs on Aubrey, you know how much she has LOVED her swimming lessons, so I thought she would run screaming when she saw the water. In fact, just the opposite happened. She ran full-speed towards the waves and would have taken a serious beating if Kevin hadn't caught her. It took her about 15 seconds to get used to the temperature and not much could pull her out of the water all day, except the promise of "goldfishies" for lunch. We hosed sand and shells out of every crevice of her body and she could barely keep her eyes open at 6:45 for a bedtime story. Aubrey had such a good time, I almost didn't mind the piles of sand that we tracked in from the car... ok, I said almost!

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